Teaser time

I never really wanted to become famous. But I’m afraid this time, I went too far. I’m on youtube. Right in the middle of some bunch of angry butchers. This one can only go viral. Big time.


In the south of Belgium, in Mons to be precise, we have discovered an electronics retailer that has caused an impressive death toll over the years. People still gather today at this very shop to remember and honour their passed beloved. Could this be the reason why they call this infamous place Electro-Choc? Why might never know…

Billy The Kilt is back!

The drumming and piping saga continues. This time, it’s Simon’s turn. He’s really passionate about drumming. But according to his wife and family, he’s totally nuts about it and has become quiet a nuisance over the years. Again, Billy The Kilt is here to help families in distress… Audio post-production done from scratch!

ALD Automotive

Another full audio post production (incl. original music) by dB minor. This time, we did an explanatory video for ALD automotive, an international car leasing company. This reminds me, I have to start looking for a new company car. Agency: Publicis

Yes, more cheesecake

Finally. From now on, Danio will be available in two new varieties: cheesecake and cheesecake. That is raspberry and lemon. Cheesecake. Boy, I just can’t get enough of it. Yes, cheesecake.

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Presenting the weather

A thick sweater or a light t-hirt? The answer can be found on TV5, right after the news. Oh, by the way: the weather report is being sponsored by “Le Méridien”, with a bit of music by dB minor.

Jack In The Box

Here’s a little orchestral tune tailored for the latest Danio TV ad: light, friendly, happy,… Yes, even optimistic! With a bit of tension in the beginning and a strong boys choir underlining the very “Aww” moment of the flying fruit in slow motion. Aww…

Billy The Kilt

This is the story of Axel. Axel is a cool guy. If it wasn’t for one little detail: his obsession for piping that drives everybody nuts! Fortunately, there is now a practical solution thanks to billythekilt.com. And also thanks to that little video we made which he can now watch over and over again on his MacBook Pro.

A Starfighter for a car

What went through Obi-wan (aka Ewan McGregor)’s mind when he chose a Citroën DS5 Hybrid 4 for his good old Jedi Starfighter is a mystery to us. The only explanation that we can come up with is that it must be an absolutely stunning hell of car, that new DS5. Like any other common mortal, we will have to wait until 2014 before we will have the pleasure to make our own opinion. Until then, we will link to this very video that’s not ours (even though we did the postproduction for the national Belgian TV campaign), because of youtube continuously blocking our content for whatever mysterious copyright infringements :-/